Terms and Conditions

By completing and returning this form, you are committing to participate; if you fail to participate and do not notify the league prior to the first game and your roster spot is not filled, a $40 charge will be added to any future league fees before you will be allowed to participate in the BBLL.

The Boston Box Lacrosse League, its owners and assignees are not responsible for injuries that occur during the course of play. Participants are responsible for their own health insurance and playing in the league is a tacit acknowledgement that they understand the risks and will provide for their own health care, backstopped by U.S. Indoor Lacrosse coverage, provided they sign a USBL form/waiver. While BBLL will take measures to reduce the risk of injury, participation in the league by a player constitutes an acknowledgement that box lacrosse is a violent contact sport and that injuries sometimes happen, and that they voluntarily put themselves in harm’s way, understanding the risks they were taking.